What to do in Anguilla ?

FIRST OF ALL, ANGUILLIAN AMAZING 33 BEACHES AND SNORKELING : in Anguilla is one of the most fun activities to do on the island. And the best thing about it is that you can do it with the kids. It’s also a way to discover some of the less known of the 33 white sand beaches. Some of the best spots are Sandy Hill Bay, Limestone Bay, Mimi Bay, & Crocus Bay. Shoal Bay, the most famous beach in Anguilla, is also known to be excellent for snorkeling – especially for beginners. You can also plan a snorkeling excursion to one of the keys. Enjoy a day away from “the main island” and visit Sandy Island, Scilly Key or Prickly Pear. Yes, it’s almost like your own private island ! You will find snorkeling equipment at the villa.

DAY TRIP IN ST MARTEEN : Isn’t it nice to be in Anguilla and able to visit other islands on a day trip? This is a luxury that Anguilla offers to tourists because of its small proximity to Saint Martin and Saint Barth. Saint Martin/ Sint-Maarten, the smallest area in the world shared by two countries – France and Holland, is our closest neighbor. If you want to leave the serenity of Anguilla for a day or two, you will find Sint-Maarten to be a little paradise of nightlife, shopping, casinos and more… It’s only a 20-minute boat ride away or a five-minute plane ride, and you can visit two countries all at once.

DAY TRIP IN ST BART : Saint-Barth ….where the celebrities go when they want to be seen (when they don’t they come to Anguilla). If you want to feel like a jet setter you need to visit Saint-Barth. You can charter a plane if you are a group of at least 4. Or you can take the Voyager boat from Saint Martin. You can also ask us for a private boat rental with skipper: you will rech St Barth within 1 hour. Saint Barth is another paradise of really excellent shopping, nice beaches and very good food with nice and trendy restaurants. If you plan to spend a day there, we will give you adresses of the best places to be and to shop. And while you are at it, practice your French!

PLAYING TENNIS : The villa is just a short drive to the Anguilla Tennis Academy

PLAYING GOLF : The Temenos Golf Course has been created by Greg Norman. This 7,063-yard championship course offers dramatic elevation changes, water features on 13 holes and guests can enjoy one of the finest Caribbean golf experiences. It is located just a few minutes drive from the Villa. Tee times for your Caribbean golf experience are being accepted by calling the Temenos Golf Pro Shop at 264.498.5602. Temenos Golf Course offers a Caribbean golf experience where sand, wind and water blend seamlessly with Anguilla's natural environment to present a golfer's paradise.

BOAT RENTAL : Anguilla Boat Tours...
A Really Unique, Fun Way to See Anguilla. Let's take a different perspective -- lets get off the island... and look at it! And for that, there's nothing like an Anguilla boat tour. Don’t forget to stop and swim in Little Bay, where the water is simply gorgeous turquoise and peaceful...You can also sail to Prickly Pear island, and have lunch there. "A day sail is a great way to spend time with family and friends. You can also take a beautiful sailing trip to St Barth and stop to Colombier Beach, which is one of the few beaches that requires a hike to get into, so it is perfect for anchoring, snorkeling, lunch and of course rum punch…. Once there you can spend time jet skiing or even kitesurfing.

ANGUILLA FISHING : you will find boats and designed for fishing Their captain goes after anything he can catch: tuna, barracuda, mackerel, what ever is biting that day. Fishing trip is about 4 hours.

RESTAURANTS BARS AND COCKTAILS : Destination dining reigns on Anguilla. Expect a gourmet Anguilla dining experience accompanied by an extensive wine list or selection of Caribbean beers and spirits. And don’t be surprised to find a food critic wowed at the next table at any of the nearby Caribbean restaurants. Choices for world-class fare and renowned Caribbean dining abound. Our hostess will be happy to assist guests with reservations, directions, and additional information about on-island Anguilla dining. Ask her for more information and to make arrangement Dont forget Anguillian Cocktails : They are the best of the Caribbean. Many cocktails bars and beach bars on the islnad : Elvis, Viceroy, Cuisinart, Cap Juluca and many others from the most casual to the most sophisticated.

HORSE RIDING : Have you ever dreamt of riding a beautiful horse along a deserted beach ?... or swimming on horseback in a tropical sea ?.. In Anguilla you can experience horseback riding island style. Idyllic riding experience. We can make arrangement : just ask for.

And many many other activities……

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